Alex Patton
Alex PattonEstimator / Project Manager

Alex Patton – Estimator / Project Manager

Alex trade qualified as a fitter/turner and has completed NZCE Mechanical. Alex has priced, managed, and overseen interesting projects with exciting challenges over his engineering career. During 20+ years in the field, Alex has been involved with projects including the mechanical turn-key fabrication and installation of a reconstitution plant for milk powder in Malaysia, heat exchangers, fluidiser powder bins, storage and display tanks, a 10 tonne milk crate pallet conveyor with auto loading and unloading stations which included the investigation of requirements, design, build and installation. Other projects have required in addition high levels of inspection and documentation including mechanical systems for carbon monoxide gas to ethanol fuel conversion, numerous duplex process pressure vessels for the pharmaceutical industry, oxidizer tanks for nitrate explosives manufacture and a wet oxidation plant for water treatment.

Outside of work, Alex’s interests include his family, motorcycles, home renovations and music.

Please feel free to give Alex a call to discuss any job or project you have in mind.

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