The time had come for Palmerston North Girls High School to upgrade their fence. Brunton Engineering was there to help.

Project Requirements

  • A fence that would tie in with era of school.
  • Present their logo and the image they wanted to portray,
  • Make the school asthetic  to look into as on PN main road;
  • Have security aspect;
  • Needed to be vandal proof;
  • Client needed it done with minimum interruption to school life,
  • Allow for replaceable components
  • Time line was very tight
  • Stick within set school committee budget
  • Manufacture concrete moulds that would allow for a series of posts to be poured in one go and incorporate school logo
  • Diverse project management including tree removal, earthworks, building, sidewalks, painters, powder coater,  galvanisers & Traffic management

What we did

  • Maintained close communication with all parties involved throughout the project
  • Built a proto type  fence and concrete post mould all done to finished standard
  • Create timeline that all subcontractors had to commit to
  • Managed all aspects of the project through to completion.

Images of completed project

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