When you have a project to complete the team at Bruntons are there to make it happen. As the below shows we love what we do so much, we even do it in our spare time!

New Rally truck Built 2008 by Brunton Engineering
for New Zealand 4wd Trials events

  • Engine 5.0 Leyland P76 Injected
  • Transmission GM Commodore 4l60E
  • Transfer box Land cruiser with lower gears
  • Diffs Landcriser LSD modified into diff lockers
  • Frame: Hand crafted space frame
  • Brakes: Mazda RX7 with independent brakes
  • Suspension: Fox shocks and Air lift via Air bags
  • Tyres Kumho 833 35inch
  • Body: Carbon fiber

Derek’s passion is a home built 4wd competition truck, where he came 2nd overall in NZ Nationals 2005-2006.

You can view some video’s of Derek and his 4wd here.

The vehicle was completely homemade in 2000. Derek started with two pen lines on the ground and proceeded to build a home made chassis from there.

DIFFERENTIALS: The differentials are Toyota Hilux with workshop made axles and VX Landcruiser C.V joints as these are huge. He runs ARB Diff locks front and back so all wheels can drive at once.

STEERING: The rear of the Truck has steering to allow you to drive sideways. This is controlled by Hydraulic rams made in the workshop from scratch. The front steering also has its own ram made in the workshop and runs a forklift hydraulic steering unit. This way no steering linkages are required.

GEARBOX: The gearbox is Toyota Landcruiser three speed and the Transfer box has workshop made gears to lower the ratio. Of course its Toyota.

SUSPENSION: Workshop made including some of the rose joints. The rocker arms allow a two to one travel. E.g. 8 inches of shock travel allows 16 Inches at the wheel.

ENGINE: Fuel injected Rover 3.5 V8. This is the only thing not Toyota as the Toyota is a big sized V8 and Derek didnt have much room under the bonnet.

BODY: Another workshop made part.

BRAKES: He has separate wheel brakes for each wheel of the truck allowing it to be driven like a bulldozer. The brake callipers have four pistons per wheel.

WHEELS: 35 inch by 12.5 Kumho 833s mounted on Workshop made bead locks.

COOLING: This is mounted in the rear. It is a Ford alloy Radiator.

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